cl communications
cl communications



  • Over 18 years experience as regional head of corporate communications/head of media relations in multinational IT companies
  • Several years in different IT marketing and marcoms functions and as a PR freelancer


  • Internal/external communications strategies and plans
  • PR/communications and Social Media concepts
  • Reputation management and agenda setting
  • Crisis communication programs and trainings
  • Development and expansion of international PR networks
  • Marketing and press texts 
  • Events consulting and management (press and company events)
  • Project-based communication management
  • Interim communications management
  • Freelance support for PR agencies


  • Master of Corporate Communications, ZfU Zuerich
  • Marketing degree, CIM London
  • Certificates in journalism and online PR/journalism/publishing/social media

Member of the German PR Association Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft (DPRG)

Member of the German/Bavarian Association of Journalists (BJV)

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